Our Funeral Cover Policy


Funeral Cover

When the time comes, we want to provide our relatives with a respectful send-off that honours their culture and religious orientation.

Unfortunately, these costs can quickly add up.  The Coffin, Cost of memorial service, Transport and number of people all have a large impact on overall costs.

When you are feeling overwhelmed by grief and has many unexpected arrangements to make, it’s a great comfort to know that you are financially prepared. Taking out a funeral plan can help preparing for such moments especially when the cover is accessible and designed to suit your pocket. Our Funeral Cover offers the following benefits with a monthly premium of K250.00 Only:

Maximum Cover for Member: K500, 000.00

Maximum Cover for Spouse: K250, 000.00

Maximum Cover for Child (Below 18Yrs): K150, 000.00

Processing Period: Within 24 Hrs

Condition: Proof of Death