Our Membership

How to become a Member

Our SACCO draws members from both the Public and Private sectors. All you need is evidence of employment from a well established entity. Below are the things you need to have to join:

1. Be a salaried employee.

2. Evidence of employment.

3. Employment Number.

For employees in the private sector, the employer has to agree and sign a memorandum of understanding before its employees joins the SACCO.

What we Offer

Our members have the benefit of enjoying some free financial services at any of our service centers. Below are some of the services we offer to our members for free:


Financial Literature

We offer free financial education to all our members in order for tem to be able to run theri businesses and their lives. We belief in well informed society. Our members needs to be equipped with basic knowledge in business management.

 If you are our member, visit any of our Service Center or call our Customer Service Line 0 881 34 38 06 to arrange for a free education session. Our Financial Literacy experts will help you.

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