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Welfare Fund

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Welfare Fund

A funeral cover policy that assists members in their lowest moment of grief.

When the time comes, we want to provide our relatives with a respectful send-off that honours their culture and religious orientation. Unfortunately, these costs can quickly add up. The cost of coffin, memorial service, transport and number of people to manage – all have a large impact on overall costs. Taking out a Welfare Fund can help preparing for such moments especially when the cover is accessible and designed to suit your pocket. 

Our Welfare Fund offers the following benefits with a monthly contribution of K500.00 only for the Civil Servants and K1000 for the Private organization

Member: K500, 000.00
Spouse: K250, 000.00
Child (Below 21Yrs): K150, 000.00
Biological Parent: K50, 000.000

Member: K1,000, 000.00
Spouse: K500, 000.00
Child (Below 21Yrs): K250, 000.00

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